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 Session Numbers
1A Random Ski: PUF and Random Number Generators
1B New Perspectives of Timing, Power and IR Drops
1C Optimization Attacks Routing Challenges
1D Design Automation and DNN for FPGAs
1W Workshop on Hardware and Algorithms for Learning On-a-Chip
2A Accelerating Neural Networks
2B Emerging Applications in Synthesis
2C Approximation in Behavioral Specifications, Neural Network Design, and Stochastic Computing
2D 2019 CAD Contest at ICCAD
2W Hands On Workshop on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning for EDA Developers
3A Processing in Memory and Secure Memory Design
3B Efficient and Reliable Design
3C Emerging Technologies for Computing and Networks
3D Design Automation for Power Electronics
3W 1st Workshop on Accelerator Computer-Aided Design
4A Quantum Computing
4B FPGA Emulation and Optimization
4C Placement for Heterogeneity
4D Advanced Logic Locking Techniques for Hardware IP Protection
4W 3rd International Workshop on Quantum Compilation
5A System-Level Attacks and Protection
5B Pushing the Frontiers of Synthesis
5C Advanced Design Techniques for Manufacturability
5D When Neural Networks Meet Hardware: The Princess, The Knight, and the Very Bad Dragon
5W International Workshop on Design Automation for Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits
6A Algorithmic Innovations for Neural Computing
6B Verified and Efficient Embedded Security
6C Overcoming the Complexity of System Level Validation
6D Quantum Computing - Resilience and Security
6W Second Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET)
7A The Road to Safe Autonomy: Neural Networks Meet Formal Reasoning
7B Accelerator Design and Modeling
7C Combating Circuit Aging and Device Variability
7D Breaking the Ice Between Silicon Photonics Design and EDA: Electronic-Photonic Design Automation
7W Top Picks in Hardware and Embedded Security
8A In-Memory and Analog-Domain Neural Computing
8B Hot Data Architectures
8C Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems
8D Results, Perspectives and Trends on Open-Source EDA
9A (Un)Locking the Pandora's Box: Logic Locking Techniques
9B Open-Source Microfluidic Design Ecosystem: Recent Developments and Upcoming Challenges
9C Analog Layout and Performance Optimization
9D Tensor Methods for Accelerated Machine Learning and Electronic Design Automation
10A Mitigating Side-Channel Analysis: From EDA to Cloud
10B Thermal and Power Management for Circuits and Systems
10C Global and Detailed Routing
10D The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Architectures and System-Level Management