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 Session Numbers
1A Analytical Techniques in Design Planning
1B Ahoy! Anti-Piracy Techniques
1C Flexibility Makes Learning Better
1D Emerging Reconfigurable Nanotechnologies: Can they Support Future Electronics?
1W Top Picks in Hardware and Embedded Security
2A It's Time to Learn More About Timing, Power, and IR Drop!
2B Accelerated Safe and Secure Machine Learning
2C Architecting for Efficiency of Deep Learning
2D EDA for Cyber-Physical Systems
2W First Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology (WOSET)
3A Generate, Stimulate and Simulate!
3B Sweet Memories of Deep Learning
3C Adaptive Power and Precision Optimization Using Machine Learning and Approximate Computing
3D 2018 CAD Contest at ICCAD
3W 11th IEEE/ACM Workshop on Variability Modeling and Characterization
4A Device Optimization for Reliability and Performance Enhancement
4B Clean Up Your Data
4C Security of Emerging Architectures
4D Machine Learning for Electronic Design Automation: Modeling, Optimization, and Resilience
4W International Workshop on Design Automation for Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit
5A The Non-Unified Theory of Approximate Computing
5B Resistance is Not Futile (for RAM)
5C High-Performance Deep Learning Accelerators on FPGAs
5D Hardware Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Techniques: What, When, and How to Use?
5E Managing Heterogeneous Many-Cores for High-Performance and Energy-Efficiency
5W 2nd International Workshop on Quantum Compilation
6A Deep Dive into Mixed Size Cell Placement
6B Post-CMOS Technologies and Emerging Applications
6C Biochips, Blockchain, and Learning in CPS
6D Is Adversarial Learning a Threat for Machine Learning? Defense Strategies and Design of Better Machine Learners!
6E Majority Logic Synthesis
6W Machine Learning and Systems for Building the Next Generation of EDA Tools
7A Routing: The Devil is in the Details
7B Synthesizing Neural, Parallel, and Approximate Logic
7C Build a Fort: Designing and Assessing Secure Architectures
7D Security for Next-Generation Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
7E The Need and Opportunities of Electromigration-Aware Integrated Circuit Design
7W Hardware and Algorithms for Learning On-a-Chip (HALO)
8A Computationally Efficient and Uncertainty Aware Analog and Mixed-Signal CAD
8B When Design Space Exploration Meets with Modern Applications and Systems
8C Enabling Embedded Learning, Security, and Predictability
8D Superconducting Electronics Design Automation (S-EDA): Recent Developments and Upcoming Challenges
9A Plug the Leaks: Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures
9B High-Throughput Computing and Efficient Data Movement
9C Advances in Neural Networks and Microfluidics
9D A Journey from Physics to System Level on the Reliability Tracks
10A Computer-Aided Design for Quantum Computation
10B Taming the Wild: Scalable Methods in Verification
10C Capturing Perturbation for DNN Security
10D A Hardware Outlook on Machine Learning Applications