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 Session Numbers
1A Innovative System Design Technologies
1B Topics in Low-level Logic Synthesis
1C The Devil is in the Details: Incremental Placement Techniques
1D Emerging Technologies and Hardware Security: Prospects and Challenges
2A Accelerators and Design Methodologies for Brain-inspired Computing
2B Advanced Simulation Techniques and Optimization of Analog/RF Circuits
2C Routing and Clocking
2D Future Value in ICs: Who Will Deliver It, and How
3A Camouflaging and Obfuscation
3B Optimizing Memory and Flip-flops
3C Design Automation for Next-Generation Automotive Systems
3D 2016 CAD Contest
4A Catch the Trojans and Shield the PUFs
4B Litho-aware Design for Manufacturability: Present and Future
4C Symbolic Bug Hunting, Diagnosis and Fault Propagation
4D Going Vertical: Roadmap for Energy-Efficient and Reliable Massive-Scale Computing based on 3D Integration
5A Building Efficient Software for Next Generation Embedded Systems
5B Tolerating Low Power Designs
5C Routability-Driven FPGA Placement
5D Reliability Mitigation and Resiliency-Aware Design for Energy-Efficient Systems
6A Flying, Folding, Learning, and Spying: The Emerging CPS Design Challenges
6B System Design Methods for Computational Efficiency
6C Approximate Hardware Design
6D New Application Frontiers for Formal Verification
7A Optimization Techniques for 3D-ICs, DFM and Yield Estimation
7B Fab Attestation and Split Manufacturing
7C OpenRAM: An Open-Source Memory Compiler
7D Challenges and Opportunities of Stochastic Computing in the Dusk of Moore’s Law and the Dawn of Big Data
8A Hardware-Assisted Solutions for Preventing Information Leakage
8B Challenges in Timing and Power Integrity
8C Some Things Random, Wet, and Brainy: Stochastic Computing, Microfluidics, and Neural Networks
8D Cross-Domain and Cross-Layer Techniques for Cyber-Physical System Security
9A Aging Analysis in Advanced Technologies
9B Design Techniques for Machine Learning
9C Emerging Design Techniques for Non-volatile Memory and Logic
9D Why Power Matters: A Story of Thermals, Approximation and Mobile System Design
10A New Ideas In High-Level Synthesis
10B Reaching Out to the Third Dimension: New Floorplanning and Placement Techniques
10C From Biochips to Quantum Circuits: Computer-Aided Design for Emerging Technologies
10D Multilevel Design Understanding: From Specification to Logic