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 Session Numbers
1A Functional Verification
1B Advances in Routing
1C Design for Manufacturability: Current Practice and Future Directions
1D Scheduling Techniques for Low Power
1E Resilient Computing
2A Advances in Test Efficiency
2B Advances in FPGA Synthesis and Trustable Silicon
2C Design Automation for Biological Systems
2D Analysis and Mitigation of Transient and Permanent Failures
2E An Introduction to Satisfiability Modulo Theories
3A Emerging Topics in Test and Reliability
3B Timing Closure and Design Robustness
3C Routing in Alternative Technologies
3D Emerging Design and Memory Technologies
3E Embedded Processors, Methods and Applications: Computer Architects Perspective
4A Introduction to GPU Programming for EDA
4B Analytical Advances in Physical Synthesis
4C Thermal-Aware Management Techniques for Multi-Core Architectures
4E Analysis and Testing of Concurrent Programs
5A Statistical Timing Analysis and Its Application
5B Congestion Driven Placement
5C New Applications in Logic Synthesis
6A Advanced Modeling and Simulation Methods
6B Characterization and Compensation of Variability
6C Policies and Methods for Low Power
6D Emerging Memory Technologies
6E Power 7 - Verification Challenges of a High-End 8-Core Microprocessor
7A Advanced Device Reliability and Modeling
7B Clock Optimization and Parallel Algorithm in EDA
7C Analysis and Optimization of Network-On-Chip and Multiprocessor SOC
7D Design-Patterning Interactions
7E Statistical Timing: Where is the Tofu?
8A Yield Estimation and Optimization for SRAMs
8B Thermal Modeling and Analysis at Chip and Platform Levels
8C Analytic Placement
8D Performance and Power Issues in Embedded System-Level Design
8E Biological Circuits and Systems
9A Statistical Simulation and Optimization of Serial Link and Wordlength
9B Parasitic Extraction, Modeling, and Reduction Techniques
9C Advanced Boolean Techniques in Logic Synthesis
9D Global Routing Revisited